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Hang On, the iOS 7.1 Update may Arrive Next Week

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The general public awaits the new iOS 7.1 to be launched and expects to bring light to those annoying bugs. Along with exciting features, this major update will be ready for doanload later this week or next week. The leaked information came from Daring Fireball, an Apple enthusiast website who also said that Apple will require all iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users to install the said iOS update. The update is necessary for them to enjoy the first iTunes Festival in the United States at South by Southwest. The said event will debut on March 11, which means that Apple will push the update any day now.

Users can Now Reclaim the Lost Space

iOS users were given a choice back in September, whether they upgrade to iOS 7 or have the 3.1GB of space filled up due to an automatic download of the iOS update. Previous iOS updates have left the users with a choice of downloading it or not. With the new iOS 7.1 update, users may soon get a peace of mind.

The iOS 7.1 was launched on beta for four months, but promises to make users happy by putting an end to annoying glitches and giving them few interesting design tweaks. The third Beta version of this update can now delete the installation file. This suggests that users can now do the same and get the lost hard drive space with the new update.

Better Designs


Aside from the bug fixes, users will also enjoy few design tweaks. The Call and End buttons are now made smaller and round instead of the usual large and rectangular design. The Power Off slide bar was replaced from the ugly reddish ? orange, to a translucent bar and a white button. Of course, these are only plus points for the users because the most important change in this update would be the bug fixes.

Users may expect the tech giant?s final release notes in addressing the random soft resets of iOS mobile devices called the white screen of death. People are now looking forward to better and bigger changes with the iOS 8. In the meantime, you can only hope for quicker Wi-Fi access, Do Not Disturb and Bluetooth settings in the Control Center.

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