Hands-On with SCEE’s FirstPlay Beta Episode

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So what is FirstPlay? FirstPlay is a new subscription based weekly interactive show similar to Qore, but for the UK market. Right away you are greeted with an ad and the option to visit the ads official website. While there are numerous ads all through FirstPlay after watching 4 ads you’ll be able to skip them from then on. FirstPlay is comprised of 4 main sections: Network Highlights, Screenshot Galleries, Video HD Video Reviews and Previews & Featured Downloads.

Network Highlights
Top 10 Singstar: top 10performances of the week
Video Store Round-Up: the latest video releases
Minis Round-Up: highlights some of the more interesting minis games
Network Round-Up: downloadable games & content

Screenshot Galleries
This should be pretty self explanatory. One note of interest is that unlike Qore, you are able to save the screenshots to your HDD. Some highlights include Mafia II and Brink.

Video HD Video Reviews and Previews
The biggest thing that stood out to me was the fact that this section will feature video reviews of games and movies.
Reviewed in the beta issue was Battlefield Bad Company 2 and the movie Crack on blu-ray.
The games that were previewed are Super Street Fighter IV and Lost Planet 2 (You know I was all smiles :))
Did I mention that you can rewind and fast forward the videos!?

Featured Downloads
In this section you can find exclusive and early access to certain demos, as well as add-ons.

All in all I have to say FirstPlay is looking great. The only downside I could find is it’s exclusivity to the EU Playstation store. Look for the launch episode April 8th.

Have any suggestions or want to give feedback? In every episode of FirstPlay you can press square to contact FirstPlay via their PSN ID.

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