Halo Wars 2 Update Today Adds HDR, New Leader, And Plenty Of Balancing Changes

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Halo Wars 2 Update
Source: Halo Wars 2 Official E3 Trailer video

The new Halo Wars 2 update brings Sargeant Johnson as a playable leader, HDR lighting compatibility, and balancing changes this May 22. The new patch is about 8 GB which will take some time depending on your internet connection quality. Here’s what we know about this May 22 Halo Wars 2 update.

HDR Feature Added Today

The  new patch enables HDR lighting for players with compatible hardware. Currently, the HDR feature is only accessible for PC and Xbox One S players. Generally, High Dynamic Range lighting in video games allows a broader range of colors to be displayed. This feature does not necessarily affect gameplay but makes it look better. 

According to 343 Industries design director Clay Jensen’s interview with FenixBazaar, the feature wasn’t planned to be included in Halo Wars 2’s release last February. “It’s something that, certainly in future titles, we’ll be looking to support it. Unfortunately, not for this launch,” Jensen said back in January.

New Leader

Halo’s Sargeant Major Avery Junior Johnson is known in the series as an overzealous military man who apparently died in a previous game. However, he’s back in Halo Wars 2 as a playable leader with his own style. His specialty is using Mech units and deployable combat buildings to help his infantry survive the battle longer. Sargeant Johnson also has the Mech Overcharge ability which speeds up all of his Mech units and make them invulnerable.

Other than his passives, he also has the Mantis, Veteran Mantis, and Colossus unique units which are all Mechs. Sargeant Johnson doesn’t look like a complicated leader to play as his passives and unique units already synergize well without any difficult maneuvers to do.

Balancing Changes

The patch notes don’t have any major stat buffs and nerfs but it does have changes that can be handy to certain leaders. Isabel’s Ghost in the Machine ability doesn’t interrupt the Colony’s “Combat Repair” ability if it cast on them. Meanwhile, Spartans hijacking enemy vehicles will now keep the vehicle’s upgrades rather than removing them.

Additionally, teleporting units out of the map will send them to their home base instead. Restoration Drones also got an increased requirement cost if it in its third tier. Overall, these changes aren’t necessarily stat changes but they can affect the plans and builds of some players. You can check out the full patch notes on Halowaypoint. Stay updated with more Halo Wars 2 news here on The BitBag.

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