Halo Wars 2 Update: Isabel And Decimus Buffed, Strong Multiplayer Leaders Nerfed

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The official Halo Wars 2 forums announced the full notes for its April 17th update. The recently released patch includes buffs for Isabel and Decimus to encourage players to pick them more. Meanwhile, strong leaders like Professor Anders, Kinsano, Atriox and Shipmaster got their strong abilities nerfed as they were used to exploit foes or secure an easy advantage for any player.

April 17 Halo Wars 2 Update

As seen on the Halo Waypoint forums, the changes for each multiplayer leader has been confirmed. Changes include cooldown increase, cost increase, and damage tweaks. Overall, the developers aimed to balance out the game through buffing unfavorable characters and toning down their strong characters.

Isabel Buff

Isabel might be able to grow out of her Support commander specialization due to her new buffs in this April 17 Halo Wars 2 update. Her Ghost in the Machine ability has its cost increased but will now last 13 seconds and has a larger range. Isabel players can now steal more units off enemies for a longer time and 13 seconds may just be enough to turn crucial moments in favor of Isabel’s team. Her other abilities have also been buffed in its starting levels which make her reliable early on.

Decimus Buff

Overall, Decimus received buffs for his unique tools at the price of increased cooldowns for them. As of the April 17 update, the Banished leader, Decimus, also received a huge buff that allows his units to deal 50% increased damage with Killing Frenzy active. This ability’s duration was reduced to six seconds but its large damage boost will be enough to crush enemy units fast. Lastly, his Fury ability duration has also been decreased and immensely boosted on its temporary speed and damage unit buffs. Overall, the new Decimus changes makes his units extremely difficult to face with these boosts applied to them.

Meanwhile, Vortex Lightning also received a cooldown increase, but it become a more potent crowd control and damage tool. Decimus’ Glassing Beam is nerfed with its cooldown and cost increase. Lastly, the Decimus Drop ability was also buffed with increased HP and SP but also had its cooldowns increased.


Meanwhile, Anders and Kinsano had their strong tools nerfed as of this new patch. Anders was able to exploit other leaders to victory through Lure Beacons to repeatedly buy her some time and avoid base destruction. The Lure Beacons were nerfed but her new buffs encourage her to use her early access to stronger units even more.

Meanwhile, Kinsano received mostly nerfs this update as she had extremely strong tools available in Halo Wars 2. Her abilities allow her to deal continuous damage as her missiles leave areas burning for zone control. Additionally, the Hellcharge ability makes killed enemy units explode to deal damage against enemies. In a real-time strategy game, Area of Effect unit explosion on kill and zone control abilities are strong as units tend to be grouped up.

Nerfs for the Banished

Atriox has also received a nerf on his Eradication ability which were mostly used to snipe bases off enemies to ensure the enemy’s disadvantage. Eradication now deals reduced damage to buildings and its cost increased. Overall, Atriox has been immensely nerfed as most of his abilities were changed and reduced while receiving no buffs to compensate for it.

Lastly, the Shipmaster’s Displacement ability was too useful in the hands of experienced players. Its manageable cooldown and good cost allowed players to teleport troublesome units out of key locations to prevent them from being effective at all. The developers increased its cooldown and costs, but its general use stays the same. This crucial Displacement changes encourage Shipmaster players to play this ability effectively. However, Shipmaster only receives one buff on the Spirit Support’s cost reduction, but it now sends out a single Engineer instead of the previous 3. We’ll have to wait on how this new patch affects the whole competitive meta of Halo Wars 2.

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