Halo Wars 2 Open Beta Extended: New End Date And Time

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Halo Wars 2

Microsoft kicked off the Halo Wars 2 open beta at E3 2016,and now developer 343 Industries has confirmed that it has been extended for 48 hours. The beta was supposed to end on June 20, but after requests from fans, the company has confirmed that the beta will remain active for two more days. The developer will keep the servers live until June 22.

It seems that fans appreciate the beta gameplay so much. 343 Industries? Dan Ayoub on his Twitter account confirmed that the Halo Wars 2 open beta is extended due to demand from fans. ?The beta started with Microsoft?s E3 conference on June 13 at 9:30 AM PDT/12: 30PM EDT, and Microsoft also unveiled a brand new trailer for the game during the event.

This latest news is certainly an exciting update for fans, as they will be getting extra time to spend on the new game. This is also a good chance for franchise fans to observe the changes that have taken place between the original game and the new one. 343 Industries will also get players on board for two more days, so it is actually good for the studio, as more suggestions and feedback would come out during the extended beta period.

According to 343 Industries, it will also bring a second beta session for Halo Wars 2 which is scheduled to arrive sometime in the near future. The next beta session is expected to go live closer to the Halo Wars 2 release date. Fans can expect more improvements in the next beta.

343 Industries will launch Halo Wars 2 on February 21, 2017 for Xbox One and PC. The game still has a long time to hit the shelves, so announcing a beta session will certainly help both fans and the studio to keep in touch with the franchise. With such beta sessions, the studio can also ensure a more polished game that?s developed according to the requests and suggestions from players.

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