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Halo Wars 2 News: 4 Top Leaders To Play

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Now that we have official confirmation from the top that Halo War 2 is coming this year–Xbox Phil Spencer told IGN–the focus shifts to the game?s time period. Will it take place in between Halo 1 or Halo 2 timelines? Or will it take place in multiple time periods or, in fact, a totally new environment?

If Reddit Halo Wars 2 discussion is a clue, we say the game will carry over to the time periods of 1 and 2 along with their leaders. After all, UNSC and Covenant leaders have their respective following; it will be unwise for game developer Creative Assembly to douse cold water on the most passionate fans of the Halo series.

So, let?s assume we?ll have the popular Halo leaders we?re familiar with in Halo Wars 2. Even as we anticipate new scenarios, gameplays, and time periods, who will be the best leaders to play in the new game?

Prophet of Regret

One of stronger covenant leaders, PoR has the Cleansing leader power that it can use over a UNSC base to destroy buildings. It?s especially effective during the opponent?s buildup. Its elite honor guard may not be the strongest, but it keeps PoR safe from ground attacks. Players who are familiar with PoR know that this leader is perfect for a hit-and-run tactic because he can outmaneuver vampires and flamethrowers. However, some thought it?s weak with a low health level, making PoR vulnerable early in the game. However, it is more effective on the latter stages. ?Once you get him in the air, he becomes way more stronger!? one fan insisted on the tHalo Wars? reddit thread.


He isn?t considered a strong leader, but in the hands of a skillful player, Cutter can be unpredictably effective. He?s a jack of all trades, which makes him adaptable to different strategies. If you?re an excellent strategist, Cutter gives you a lot of flexibility and ?fun? ways to attack the opponent, mainly a heavy frontal infantry attack with elephants. Not to forget, his MAC blast is devastating and instills fear in the enemy.


Brute Chieftain has his unique unit to thank, which makes this covenant leader highly effective in conquering bases and Supply Pads. In itself, Chieftain is vulnerable after every Vortex launch, putting him on the crosshairs of Disruption Bombs and concentrated attacks. But its Brute Chopper and Brute infantry units can cover a map fast. You can also use brutes in jetpacks for a shock attack alongside the Chieftain hammer pulling or stunning in enemy territory.


Playing him brings to mind the Russian strategy that defeated the more advanced Nazi Germany in the second world war. Build a huge low-tech army and overwhelm the enemy. Forge isn?t the strongest UNSC leaders, but he can auto build upgraded supply pads and bring high volume of air strikes. He?s one UNSC leader who can neutralize the advantage of covenants in number of units produced. However, if you can?t get a rush advantage, Forge will blow. His carpet bomb is only effective versus small unit and the Grizzlies are more of a display than they are combat efficient.

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