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Halo Wars 2: Should Creative Assembly Feature Multiple Time Periods?

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Halo Wars 2

Where should Halo Wars 2 take place? Fans have been expecting a lot of things from the game developer Creative Assembly. Any clue about the Halo Wars 2 game?s setting will enable players to think of the right direction on what to expect from it. If the game takes place between Halo 1 and Halo 2, it is obvious that players may see old leaders. If Creative Assembly puts the game in one period, the multiplayer would bring more weapons, unit and assets. It is still unclear but many fans are discussing the gameplay setting of Halo Wars 2 and it is quite interesting.

In a Halo Wars 2 Reddit thread, fans are speculating on whether the Halo Wars 2 should feature multiple time periods or not. Some fans suggest that the arrival of multiplayer mode will make this thought negligible because they will be getting almost everything in the game?s multiplayer mode. Other members suggest that it would be better if Creative Assembly introduces Halo Wars 2 in multiple time period because it would give more flexibility. According to one of the fans, with multiple time periods in Halo Wars 2, getting certain factions would be easy without bending the canon.

Another thing Creative Assembly can do is to add small campaign mode episodes. For the leaders, a couple of fans belive that Halo Wars 2 would feature leaders such as Anders and Cutter. If Creative Assembly keeps the game campaign in multiple time periods, it is possible that it would allow a large number of units from Spartan II and IV programs.

It is still a secret if Halo Wars 2 will continue the story of the original Halo Wars, or the next Halo Wars game will take place in a completely different time period. It would be interesting to know how these new generation consoles handle the RTS following the success of XCOM.

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