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Halo Wars 2 Campaign Gameplay: Full 15-Minute Footage Shows Voice Acting, New Characters, And More

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Halo Wars 2

A new Halo Wars 2 campaign gameplay video has appeared online. The new video footage showcases new in-game characters, voice acting and new details about Microsoft Studio?s upcoming game. The footage is from the behind the door missions showcased during some of the gaming shows, including E3 2016.

The 15-minute footage released by ReadyUpLive YouTube channel features exclusive behind-closed-doors mission. The video starts with a new mission featuring a female character voice. Later, the transitions between scenes take place and showcase gunfight and cannons firing. The gameplay video also features some of the vehicles coming in the game.

343 Industries and Creative Assembly have already confirmed that there will be new weapons and vehicle units. The new characters include a new enemy. The mission featured in the video shows some troops facing heavy fire upon landing on an abandoned region.

Additionally, the voice acting in Halo Wars 2 appears to be more promising. Those who have played the original Halo Wars game would not miss the charm of the original gameplay. In fact, the developers have significantly enhanced it.

From its battle mechanics to camera movements, sound effects and destruction on land, Halo Wars 2 looks to be a huge improvement. The rich visuals and new robotic characters look more realistic than ever. Weaponry looks more improved and more destructive. The destruction shown in the video suggests that the developer is bringing big changes to the franchise.

Besides these improvements and enhancements, the appropriate voice acting fills the gap during scene transitions. The mission in the video is not the final one, as well as the features and elements from the footage.

The final game will come out in February 2016. It would be interesting to see how well the studios execute their development plans. After watching the footage, it?s clear that the franchise has so much to bring to the audiences. You can find the video here.

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