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Halo Wars 2 Beta Update: 10GB Patch Prepares Open Beta For Blitz Mode In 2017

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Halo Wars 2

A massive Halo Wars 2 Beta update has just gone live. The patch weighs in at a whopping 10GB. You?d imagine that a hefty update like this would bring a lot of new features, but that isn?t the case with this one. The purpose of the update is mainly to lay the groundwork for the upcoming ?Blitz mode,? which will be available to play early next year.

10GB Halo Wars 2 Beta Update Is Now Up

According to players on the Halo subreddit, the only new things you?ll notice after patching are a bunch of new menu and loading screens. It?s kind of a bummer that this is all you get from such a massive download, but hopefully the full Blitz experience can make up for it. If you don?t know what the mode is, here?s a short primer.

Think of Blitz mode as Halo Wars 2?s take on Hearthstone and Clash Royale. Blitz essentially transforms the battlefield into a turn-based card game. Instead of creating and controlling your troops via classic RTS gameplay mechanics, you?ll have to build a deck and collect cards to strengthen your army. Like most online card games, Blitz will offer digital booster packs that can be purchased via in-game currency or real money.

Blitz mode isn?t meant to replace the original Halo Wars formula but rather provide a more casual, fast-paced alternative. Will it succeed? We?ll have to wait until the beta goes live in January to find out.

For now, you can get your Halo Wars fix by playing the recently released Halo Wars Definitive Edition. The game is a complete remaster of the original, designed for both Xbox One and PC. It?s currently available for download if you pre-ordered the Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition. If you need something to pass the time until the Halo Wars 2 Beta update kicks in, it?s hard to think of a better choice.

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