‘Halo Wars 2’ Beta: All Gameplay Changes Coming Next Year

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The Halo Wars 2 Beta has ended and Studio Head of Strategy Games at 343 Industries Dan Ayoub expressed his appreciation of the gamers? feedback. In his short letter on the Xbox News website, he thanked the fans by saying ?I first wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who participated in the Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Beta this past June. As a reminder, this was more a technical preview of where we are in development, or as I like to refer to it, a true development beta. ?This not only enabled us to test our backend and tuning, but also to put the game in the hands of players early enough that we could respond to feedback.?

Through the Halo Wars 2 beta that was participated in by many, Ayoub mentioned the key actions they made in order to develop the game. He admitted that they removed some, while they also made some changes in the game?s technical aspects.

He also mentioned that during the Halo Wars 2 beta, their greatest criticism has been the game?s connectivity and de-syncs. They could not have possibly noticed that without the help of the players who continued to submit their comments about the game. Ayoub said they have already addressed the issue and have made the necessary updates on that.

Some of the most important individual changes they?ve made lies in Halo Wars 2?s stability, UI improvements, unit tuning, game mode pacing and the ongoing changes they make as feedback keeps pouring in.?As for some of their biggest gameplay changes, Ayoub said it relied on the game?s five main areas, mainly the Controls, Leader Powers, Bases, Resources and Power and lastly the game?s Population.

Dan Ayoub also added ?The Halo Wars team, across 343 Industries and Creative Assembly, felt it important to share with you our key takeaways, and how we will be adapting the game based on your feedback. You took the time to play, so now we are taking the time to respond to things YOU have made a direct impact on.?

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