Halo Spartan 360 Edition Is The New 65nm Chipset

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Yep it’s true! Put 2 and 2 together. The 65nm chips are already in production and are due out this fall. Halo 3 launches this fall and to celebrate the launch, they created the Halo 360 box as a promotion. The box comes with a standard 20gb drive, some Halo goodies, a play and charge kit and an HDMI port. It costs $399 to cover the themes and other goodies. It gets released…this fall. What people don’t realize is this box represents the new Xbox 360. They didn’t just change the color of the Elite and dump a 20gb drive on it. That wouldn’t make sense. They also added the new chipset. What I’m interested in seeing is how they are going to market this new chipset in the non-spartan versions of the box. Are they just going to sneak it in and put “NOW WITH HDMI” stickers on the existing boxes? The average Johnny consumer doesn’t know or care about what nm means. Is it even necessary to publicize the change? One month from now we will see.


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