Halo Short Films Coming From Weta Digital

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Yep, I was right.? What we saw last night at Microsoft’s press briefing was a part of one of Weta’s new Halo short films.? This is gonna be dope.? Can’t wait to see the rest.? Here’s the full story:

Halo short films from Neill Blomkamp: The Halo universe and the shattered remains of an occupied Earth will be brought explosively to life in a series of gritty, intensely action-packed live action short films from acclaimed director Neill Blomkamp and WETA Workshop. These pieces will give a unique vision into the people, places, weapons and legends of the Halo Trilogy, realized in film for the first time. These short sci-fi features will be released as a series throughout the summer, culminating at the launch of ?Halo 3? for Xbox 360.

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