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Halo 6 Release Date News: What We Know So Far

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Halo 6
Source: Halo 5: Launch Gameplay Trailer

Developer 343 Industries has confirmed through an interview that they will focus more Master Chief’s story in the next Halo 6 game.  The most recent Halo game release is Halo Wars 2 which is a real time strategy game. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Halo 6 entry.

More Master Chief in Halo 6

343 Industries franchise director Frank O’ Connor reveals to GamesTM Magazine that the development will mostly focus on Master Chief for Halo 6. O’Connor mentions that they’re going to follow their fanbase’s request to see more Master Chief in the next entry. The upcoming sixth entry story is mostly confirmed in this report but nothing else.

Lack of Halo 6 Details

O’Connor’s interview didn’t talk much about the gameplay but it’s enough proof that Halo 6 does exist. Halo 6 release date, gameplay, new features, and new features about the title aren’t confirmed as of yet. The series has yet to release a main Halo entry that isn’t a first person shooter.

Missing Master Chief

As of Halo Wars 2 and Halo 5: Guardians, Master Chief isn’t that central to these games’ stories. Halo Wars 2 focused on United Nations Space Command fight against a seemingly unstoppable force called “The Banished” and Master Chief wasn’t even a playable leader. Meanwhile, Halo 5: Guardians made Master Chief share the spotlight with Fireteam Osiris. O’ Connor confirms to “double down” more of Master Chief’s story which means Halo 6 could be extremely central to his adventures alone rather than introducing new characters again.

Halo Wars 2 Story

Potentially, Halo 6 could pick up from the conclusion of Halo Wars 2’s story mode campaign. In the ending of Halo Wars 2, a Guardian, a large robot super weapon, appears to a lone Professor Anders. These large robots are currently in control of Cortana, one of Master Chief’s former ally. Master Chief’s new quest in Halo 6 might be to take Cortana down since her plan is to create peace through total subjugation.

No News For Bungie’s Return

Halo’s previous developers, Bungie, are already working on the upcoming Destiny sequel which squashes any chances for them returning to the franchise. Additionally, 343 Industries has already worked on Halo for two main entries and one spinoff now which gives them enough experience to handle the series. Fans expecting a “Bungie-made Halo” should not expect it to happen for Halo 6. Stay updated with more Halo 6 news here on The BitBag.

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