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Halo 6 Plot To Focus More On Master Chief Than Introducing New Characters

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The next Halo will focus more on Master Chief. [Image from Halo Waypoint]

Halo 6 is a game that has essentially been confirmed after the fifth game ended in a cliffhanger. While we don’t know what to expect, 343 Studios have stated that the next game would focus on Master Chief. This will either excite or annoy fans, as Master Chief has been the lead character since the very first game.

GamesTM (via WCCFTech) confirmed this in an interview with 343 Studios, so this is official. Master Chief has become a gaming icon after debuting on the original Xbox, so some fans will love that the new game focuses on him again. Considering the lack of screen time Master Chief in the fifth game, it seems like 343 want to do right by the fans and focus on him again.

Who Needs New Characters?

Halo 5 was criticized by some for focusing more on new characters, something Halo 6 will be rectifying. That’s not to say the new characters were hated, but everyone seems to be attached to the near silent protagonist Master Chief. Most fans will dig this move, but there will be others who think the new characters deserve a bit more.

While Master Chief is a beloved icon, some fans don’t find the character too interesting, despite his great design. Much like Kratos from God of War, it’s good seeing the character return, but that doesn’t mean they’re complex. Still, if it means his storyline with Cortana will be continuing, fans will rejoice for it.

E3 2017 Reveal?

It might not come out this year, but we could see a Halo 6 reveal in this year’s E3, since Microsoft needs to show off their exclusives. There aren’t many exclusives that the console has, but the few that are being made should be a treat for fans everywhere. Halo Wars 2 came out this year, so another game in the series should be great to hear for fans.

We still aren’t sure if the game will be debuting in the big event, but it would give Microsoft a huge boost. Aside from Cuphead, Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves, there aren’t that many games to look forward to that are exclusive to the Xbox One. Hopefully, a new Halo game will give the company a nice boost after they had to cancel Scalebound.

Until we know for sure, we will just assume that Halo 6 is being worked on for Xbox One and PC. Both Halo Wars 2 and Halo 5 are available now on the Xbox One.

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