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Halo 6 PC Version Not Yet Confirmed

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Halo 6

Fans are eagerly waiting for Halo 6, but the latest news might disappoint PC fans. While many have jumped the gun that the upcoming main Halo entry will appear on PC due to Microsoft?s Play Anywhere program, the company has clarified that not all titles will come to PC.

Microsoft has confirmed that the company will bring the Windows 10 Anniversary Update next month. With this announcement, the tech giant has clarified that only the games Microsoft brought to E3 2016 are confirmed so far to be included in the Play Anywhere program. Halo 6 was a no show at the event, and only titles as Halo Wars 2, Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 are confirmed so far to be playable on both Xbox One and PC via a single digital purchase.

In its official blog post, Microsoft confirmed that every new game published by Microsoft Studios that appeared at E3 this year will support Xbox Play Anywhere, and they will also be available on Windows Store for Windows 10 users. At E3, Halo fans were expecting a Halo 6 announcement from the company, but Microsoft didn?t reveal any details about the game. Instead, the company kicked off the Halo Wars 2 beta from the event.

The company did not say anything about the Halo 6 PC release on stage, but when Phil Spencer sat down with PC Gamer, he hinted at the possibility of the new Halo games being released on the platform.

When Spencer was previously asked about the Halo 5 PC release, he said that the company doesn?t want to invest time in bringing PC versions of the already released games. Regarding the PC version of the upcoming games from the franchise, however, he indicated that they might be available on PC. When he was asked whether the upcoming games will see the same fate as Halo 5, he replied, ?Not at all.?

Microsoft has already confirmed more than 15 games that will be available under Xbox Play Anywhere. The company has not yet officially announced whether Halo 6 will come out on PC, but they may be keeping details under wraps as Microsoft is yet to roll out the major Windows 10 update.

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