Halo 6 PC Release Confirmed By Microsoft At E3 2016

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Halo 6

Microsoft has no intentions of bringing Halo 5 to PC, but it does not mean that the next Halo game will have the same fate. Microsoft?s Phil Spencer confirmed that a Halo 6 PC version will certainly make its way via Windows 10. Spencer revealed that the company wants to bring all of its next first party games to be compatible for Windows 10. For the Halo franchise, Microsoft wants 343 Industries to move forward, and Windows 10 compatibility is part of the company?s plan.

Microsoft has disappointed many fans after announcing that it is not bringing Halo 5 to PC, and recently, Spencer gave a straightforward reason behind the decision. According to him, working on PC port of a year-old game does not seem sensible. The right approach is reportedly to focus on the future and concentrate on new games.

During an interview with PC Gamer, Spencer was asked if it will be the same case for the next Halo games, and he replied, ?Not at all.? During the interview, Spencer once again indicated that a Halo 6 PC version is coming. While speaking about the Halo 5 PC version, he said that the company can remake the old releases for PC or it can simply look forward and go with what they are doing. Apparently, the company has chosen the latter

Meanwhile, at E3 2016, Microsoft revealed a lot of new information including its new products. The company announced that their first party games will be compatible with Windows 10, which include Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, and Scalebound. Microsoft is also planning to improve its digital purchase policy and aims to allow Xbox One and PC users to use the same digital copy of their favorite games on both platforms. It will certainly help players as they will not be required to purchase two separate copies for a single game.

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