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Halo 6 Canceled As Halo 5 Misses Sales Target?

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Those who have been waiting for the Halo 6 release should note that the game is not coming anytime soon, and it is also possible that the the game will never come. Microsoft, with big hopes, released Halo 5: Guardians last year, but the game didn?t do well in terms of sales. The company also denied that it will bring a Halo 5 PC version, and now it seems that the company won?t release Halo 6 at all.

Microsoft aims to bring almost all of its products and services on a single platform, Windows 10. The tech giant also plans to bring Windows 10 support to Xbox consoles, but it seems that Microsoft was not able to accomplish its goals with its previously released games, especially Halo 5 and Minecraft.

The developers who worked at Microsoft-owned Lionhead Studios told Kotaku that Halo 5 missed the company?s sales target. Microsoft?s two biggest franchises, Minecraft and Halo, didn?t meet expectations.

The developers revealed that Halo 5 didn?t stand strong in the company?s sales projections, and it ended up as a ?big miss.? After just a week from its release, the company started selling the game at a low price. Microsoft suddenly dropped the game?s price, and the new title started failing against the sales targets.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is gearing up to showcase Halo Wars 2 at E3 2016, and many fans believe that the company will also drop details about the new entry in the Halo franchise. Although the company has shared its plans for the future of Halo, it seems that the downfall of sales may force the company to alter its plans. Halo Wars 2 is considered as a good game, but it cannot be denied that the upcoming game Halo Wars 2 is not part of the mainstream Halo games that include Halo 5 and its predecessors. With what happened with Halo 5, the future of the franchise looks to be full of uncertainties.

Many were expecting a Halo 6 game as the developers said they have already mapped their plans for the franchise. With what happened with the last title however, Microsoft may change their minds. We?ll have to wait until E3 2016 if Microsoft has any announcements on the game.

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