Halo 6 Accidentally Revealed At 15th Anniversary Livestream?

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Halo 6

Recently, the Halo 15th Anniversary livestream showed a Mannequin Challenge footage of its employees. However, one employee was seen holding a ?script with the title ?Halo 6? on it. Does this confirm the Halo 6 entry?

Accidentally Leaked?

Halo 6 script?

In _Comic_?s thread on the Halo Reddit, Halo fans discussed the possibility of the next main entry in the Halo series. In the Halo 15th anniversary livestream on Twitch, a Mannequin Challenge video shows people supposedly frozen in place. However, one of the employees seemed to be holding a script that?s titled ?Halo 6?. Potentially, this could be 343 Industries and Creative Assembly?s way of revealing Halo 6.

Halo 6?s subtitle?

Fans have been trying to read Halo 6?s subtitle despite its blurriness in the video. Fans threw in names like ?Vanguards,? ?Vague and Loose,? and even ?Vanguardians.? Reddit user Darthflippo provided a clearer shot of the Halo 6 script which reveals the game?s title more clearly. However, the shot?s angle makes the middle part of the title entirely incorrigible.

Same Trick

However, Halo fans on the thread are cynical on the reveal as Halo developers have done this before. According to Reddit user dinodares99, Halo developers have also peripherally revealed the next Halo game in their ?The Sprint? YouTube series with a stray script shot. Potentially, this could just be a staged attempt to generate hype for Halo 6.

It?s already been almost a full year since Halo 5 Guardians was released last October 2015. Additionally, the next Halo entry is Halo Wars 2. Halo Wars counts as a Real-Time Strategy game which focuses more on tactical positioning of many units rather than a single soldier.

Players might be waiting for the next Halo First Person Shooter as Halo 5 Guardians didn?t gather a huge attention during its first few months. For now, fans can either hold on to the Halo 6 hope or dismiss its possibility until Halo Wars 2 gets released for Xbox One. Stay updated with more Halo 6 news here on TheBitBag.

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