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Halo 6: Should 343 Industries Use Art Style Of Halo Wars 2?

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Halo 6

Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries have already shared their future plans for the Halo franchise. The upcoming Halo 6 title is still under wraps, but for the art design, fans want to see something similar to Halo Wars 2. The Halo franchise?s original visual style is what fans want to see in the next Halo game.

The franchise originally started with very basic art style which can be seen in the first few Halo games. Later on, the technical advancements improved the gameplay, especially the visual arts, in many ways. According to fans, they wish the developers would look back on what made the game look unique and masterfully blend it with today’s advancements.

?Aliens, Starship Troopers, and Mobile Suit Gundam is the holy trinity of Halo’s artistic influence. 343 Industries really needs to acknowledge this again and then return to form,? suggests a fan on Reddit.

Some fans believe that when the new games arrived, the franchise started losing its distinctive visual art. Fans said that the developer should consider bringing Halo Wars 2 elements to the next Halo game.

Game publisher Microsoft Studios has already shown a lot?and even hosted a beta session for Halo Wars 2. Now that the the RTS game?is set to arrive in February 2017, the anticipation for the Halo 6 release will be at its peak. From the very first design of Elites to the visually stunning Halo CE premise, fans expect to see some handpicked art styles in the Halo 6 gameplay.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have confirmed long before that there will be more games coming to the Halo franchise. However, the company has not even shared a single screen or footage of Halo 6. What?s coming in the next main Halo entry?is still a secret, so it would be interesting to see how many changes fans will see in the upcoming Halo title.

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