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Halo 5 Update: What Does Monitor’s Bounty DLC Bring?

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Halo 5 update

Apparently, it kinda felt like PC gamers were supposed to create map content for the Xbox One community when Halo 5: Forge was launched for PC earlier this year. Some PC gamers spent most of their time making content instead of enjoying the multiplayer game themselves. Fortunately, the upcoming Halo 5 update, which is undoubtedly big, will let PC players fully access the Arena and Forge modes.

Halo 5 Update Contents

343 Industries announced the first details of the Halo 5 Monitor?s Bounty update back on December 6, Tuesday. In addition, 343 Industries also teased their fans with a few new Forge items and functionality. The update appears to be massive not only in size but also in content.

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Under those circumstances, there are more than 650 new objects are being added which makes the total number of unique objects up to 3,800 in the map mode and mode-making tool suite. Furthermore, the main purpose of this huge update is the addition of powerful, as well as robust scripting tools that players can utilize to create all kinds of game types that vary from simple to complex.

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As a matter of fact, some players are already on it. For instance, the famous Star Wars pod racing as well as Quidditch mode. With that in mind, it is very exciting to imagine about what ideas will be created with the players? creativity.

Halo 5 update

Halo 5 Update: Forge?s New Scripting System

The new update also brought a new scripting system called ?Action Target?. The said function allows the user to modify the actions of up to 64 objects simultaneously. In addition, scripts can now have four actions per condition. Furthermore, scripts can be disabled at three different levels such as object level, map level, and script level in order to enhance and refine whatever the user is making.

Halo 5 Update: New Canvases

The new update has also brought two new canvases that come in the form of Depths and Barrens. Obviously, Depths is set under water while Barrens is a massive desert-themed canvas that also features three unique lighting themes.

Furthermore, 343 Industries has put a lot of effort bringing this new Halo 5 update to the community. At the present time, players can build everything as long as they have an idea. More Halo 5 Forge updates are also expected to come in the near future.

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