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Halo 5 Update: Anti-Air Wraith, New Warzone Firefight Maps, And More Teased By 343 Industries?

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Halo 5 Update

There are quite a few things coming to Halo 5 soon as developer 343 Studios recently teased fans with a few new items for the game. The tease includes a few weapons, features and many more. We don?t know exactly when the Halo 5 update featuring the new content will drop, but we?re all pretty excited for what?s heading to Microsoft’s?shooter.

In a tweet by the official account of Halo, fans were teased with a few items coming to the game. The tease was made via a short trailer that showcased the items for a few seconds. It?s hard to determine what the items are, but a few players were quick enough to decipher the trailer for more details.

Redditor MetalSpartan shared what he believes are confirmed and unconfirmed items coming to the Halo 5 update.


  • Reach Grenade Launcher
  • AA Wraith
  • Sentinel Beam
  • Custom Games server browser
  • New Warzone Firefight Maps
  • Wasp Variants (ONI,Hannibal)
  • Forge Goodies (Sanghelios Props,Possible Sand texture, More Covie props.etc)


  • CQB Armor
  • National Skins and other Misc skins
  • Brute Weapon attachments

The Redditor notes that he isn?t 100 percent sure about the list, but since it?s based on the trailer and is not just pure speculation, there?s a chance that some of the items in the list are correct. However, Redditor IrvingI80 confirms that the Reach Grenade Launcher and the AA Wraith are indeed coming to the game as the trailer obviously reveals the items.

Developer 343 Studios is yet to confirm when the update will hit Halo 5: Guardians. Fans can expect the update to drop pretty soon since the developer is already ready to tease the contents of the update.

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