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Halo 5: All Rewards In Halo’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

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Halo 5

On the 15th anniversary of the Halo franchise, 343 Industries has announced some rewards for fans. As a token of gratitude, the company is offering a Halo 5 REQ pack. To claim the reward, players will have to log in to their account before November 22. The unlockables shared by the company include MArk IV Armor and helmet, 4 CE Magnums, 3 SPNKRs and 4 Halo 2 Beam Rifles. Additionally, 343 Industries is also giving away a Halo iOS sticker pack. The developer has also announced a sale in the Halo store that offers up to 15 percent discount on many items.

343 Industries and Microsoft have celebrated Halo?s 15th anniversary and announced many rewards for franchise fans. Halo 5 players can now avail the rewards from the free REQ pack. As a part of the Halo 5 anniversary throwback playlist, 343 Industries has introduced redesigned classic maps. The six maps were recreated for 4v4 matches and include Battle Creek, Prisoner, Hang ‘Em High, Chill Out, Damnation and Rat Race.

343 Industry invites Halo 5 players to join the official Halo Club where they can team up with or play against the other members. The company has also set up its playlist and also shared the official gamertags of players who?ll be on field. There?s also a sale in Halo Store where you can avail 15 percent discount on all the Halo merchandises. The company is offering free shipping on all orders. In the official blog post, the developer has highlighted a new item Covenant Plasma Grenade Plush. The sale will run until November 30.

The Halo 5 15th anniversary livestream was expected to throw light on the upcoming titles from the franchise. But apart from the Halo Wars 2 Blitz Mode, the company didn?t reveal anything specific. Regarding the future of the mainstream titles, specifically Halo 6, 343 Industries hasn?t shared anything. Studio head Bonnie Ross has said that the support of longtime franchise fans has been driving the studio to do more and it will help 343 Industries in growing and nurturing the franchise for the coming years.

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