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?Halo 5 Guardians? Trailer Features Multiplayer Mode, Gameplay Footage Shows Slayer Mode, No More Split Screen Viewing?

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Getting ready for Halo 5? Then better check out the new images for the multiplayer feature.


343 Industries shared some new screenshots for the multiplayer mode of Halo 5. The images were taken from the Blue Team Campaign Mission but from a different angle. Meanwhile we will also get to see a new gameplay footage provided by gaming website Gamespot at PAX Prime 2015 featuring the classic Slayer mode for the multiplayer campaign. Fans will be getting a big relieve after confirming that the favorite Slayer mode will be getting a return to the newest Halo game.

However, the split-screen mode will be ditch out from Halo 5, the split-screen feature was a staple feature for the Halo games, whether it?s online or local co-op. But the lack of the split-screen feature will be compensated with new and returning game modes. The multiplayer will be getting some adjustments to balance the competitive mode further, 343 Industries said that they will continue making balance tweaks in the game to make it appealing to long-time Halo fans and to fans of modern-fps games.

A new cinematic trailer was also revealed, in this three and a half minute clip, we get to see Fireteam Osiris receiving orders from UNSC to retrieve a high valuable target led by Spartan Locke, where his group also takes out Covenant and Promethean forces. The trailer was a collaborative project by 343 Industries and AXIS Animation, Profile Studios and Warner Bros.

As a treat to fans, those who purchased the Halo: The Master Chief Collection will get an access to the beta for several weeks this year where it will have the four versus four match with seven maps, three game modes and armors sets to customize to your Spartan.

Halo 5: Guardians is only available for Xbox One and will be launched on October 27.

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