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?Halo 5? Guardians Multiplayer Tips: Try New Movements, And How To Plot A Great Strategy To Avoid Enemies

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While you can get away with success by just blindly running and gunning in some FPS games, in some titles like Halo 5: Guardians, you actually need to muster all you available skills to win matches. There are also a few new features in Halo 5 so you?ll need to make some adjustments in playing the game. Here are a few Halo 5 tips and tricks for the multiplayer matches:

New Movements

There has been a lot of tweaks and new movements added to make the game more fast-paced and you?ll definitely want to be as agile as your enemies. The Dash is a new useful movement as you can utilize it immediately go to any other direction to avoid enemy fire. Make sure that your Dash is available for use whenever an enemy is around. If you want to stay focused on the battle without looking at the Dash meter, just keep your ears open for the sound that hints your Dash meter is ready for use again.

The Smart Link isn?t just an iron sight for pinpoint targeting of enemies, you can also use it to alter your movement. Using the Smart Link while you?re in the Air will enable you to slow down your descent. This is useful as you can focus your aim at the enemy, however, only use this when you really need to because you?ll be an easy prey for other Spartans.

The Clamber enables you to climb ledges fast and you?ll want to utilize it for getting to high areas in the map. To ensure that you successfully reach the area you’re going to, just adjust how high you jump with the area your going.

Play Wise

Being great at protecting yourself and killing enemies is a bit useless when you?re not contributing to the mission objective. Make sure that you know exactly what you need to do per match type. You?ll also have to match your tactics accordingly per game mode.

Don?t go gung-ho and mindlessly kill enemies in Warzone because even if you think you?re contributing with tons of enemy kills. Fallen enemies can just easily respawn and it might cost your team the match as you aren?t contributing to the objective at all. In breakout, you have to be more tactical than ever and you?ll actually need to coordinate well with your team especially as you only have a single life.

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