Halo 2 Lockout Is the Third Legendary Map

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I made a mistake last week. When they said “next Tuesday,” they meant today (not April Fool’s Day). My bad. The third map of the Legendary Map pack has been revealed today and I almost wet my pants. Blackout (code name: Moonlight Sonata) is a remake of one of the most popular Halo 2 maps: Lockout (this is one of my personal favorites, actually). Although it looks like an oil rig at first (and apparently this was the original direction in which they were going), it is a UNSC research station set in the arctic. One of the major differences between this map and the original is the placement of equipment. I did not buy the Heroic Map pack, but I may go and pick this one up just for the sake of Lockout nostalgia. Were there enough parentheses in this post?

Blackout 02 thumb Blackout 03 thumb
Blackout 04 thumb Blackout 05 thumb

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