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Halloween 2015: Last Minute Costume Ideas

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Halloween 2015

A few weeks ago, we wanted to get into the groove of the Halloween season early so we suggested a few costume ideas that you might want to try for yourself. With only a few hours before fright night, we?re revisiting these suggestions.

You may have been thinking of stepping up this year to get that ?Best Costume? award you?ve been waiting for. So in preparation for your next trick or treating, here are some costume ideas to ponder on, posted by Time.

Pizza Rat

Everyone loved the Pizza Rat that went viral on the internet when it dragged a slice of pizza down the stairs of a New York City Subway so maybe they?ll love you even more when you make Pizza Rat a Halloween costume.

Costume: You might need a big papierm?ch? pizza (preferably pepperoni) and a rat costume that may or may not be available on some stores. So if you can make a do-it-yourself rat costume with some extra whiskers, then you?ll definitely be the talk of Halloween.

President Kanye West

Kanye West recently announced his presidential bid for 2020, so it?s natural for the internet to make Kanye?s statement go viral. Why not be a supporter for the rapper and be President Kanye West for a day.

Costume: Wear a suit with an American flag pin and sport those awesome shutter shades. Also, try to make your own Kanye West 2020 button.

Dislike Button

It may sound ironic, but everyone will definitely like you once you become the dislike button.

Snapchat?s rainbow filter

Snapchat made its greatest addition ever with those new selfie filters. And the best filter among them is the one that makes you puke rainbows. Why not bring that rainbow puke to life and wow your friends.

Costume: Big googly eyes from those novelty stores and any rainbow handkerchief you can buy.

With these choices of costume for Halloween there are only two things that will happen: They?ll either be laughing with you or laughing at you. Either way, you?ve still got the best costume around.

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