Half Life 3 Release Date, Updates: Valve Reportedly Gears Up for 2018 Release, Sequel to Feature New Game Plot

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Fans are still clamoring for more definite details regarding the Half Life 3 release date. The first two games have been quite a success. Nothing is set in stone yet, but talks are rampant that Valve will release an official announcement about the sequel one of these days.

Rumors are swirling that the game is already under development. This has sparked speculations that Valve is gearing up to release the game in 2018. The year marks the 20th anniversary of the game.

The Half Life game series was first launched in 1998. Half-Life 2 followed in 2004. When is Half Life 3 release date going to be?

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Half Life 3 Updates

Half Life 3 is undeniably one of the most anticipated games to come. It was previously reported that the recent DOTA 2 contained a code titled “HLVR”. Some fans have theorized that the code actually means Half Life Virtual Reality. It looks like the game is going all in with a VR support.

GameSpresso mentioned that this would not be the first time that Half-Life projects may have been hinted at a code. It should be noted that an ?hl3.txt? file was discovered in a DOTA 2 file. Half-Life 3 with a Virtual Reality support sounds like a promising game to look forward to. Fans think it will definitely be worth the wait.

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There are also reports that the upcoming Half Life game series will feature a new game plot. Fans expect that Gordon Freeman will still be the main protagonist of the game. He will have a new mission. His new tasks will reportedly take him deep underwater. He is destined to meet Doctor Helena Mossman.

Gordon Freeman will reach the so-called Kraken Base underwater. That is when the greatest challenge of the game starts.

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