Half-Life 3 Kickstarter Launched but Cancelled Later

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We already heard rumors about the development of Half-Life 3. According to Minh ?Goooseman? Le, Half-Life 3 might be in development alongside with Left4Dead 3. However, Valve did not make any statement regarding the circulating rumors nor to confirm there is indeed a development for Half-Life 3.

There is a new twist to the story, as a new Kickstarter funding was set up. A person named Christopher James Butler asked players to raise ?1500 for the development of Half-Life 3. But after a while, he decided to take it down and cancel the funding.

According on his Kickstarter post, he decided to develop half-life 3 with a small team of developers for the series to continue its exciting adventure.

?I have a small team of 6 people including myself, we all have our own funds in order to keep ourselves paid for the duration of the project, the main ask for pledges is literally just? to keep up to date with the latest software and maintenance in a project such as this.? Butler stated.

The project that they are supposed to be creating does not involve Valve. Butler also claimed that he did work on both EA and Valve and decided that he will be doing it himself. What he wanted to do is to recreate a full playable game of Half-Life 3. He was taking advantage of the current market, since most of the players are now demanding a continuation for Half-Life 2 and Valve does not seem to be concerned about it.

However, the Kickstarter account went down after it was posted. Obviously, ?1500 is not enough to set a large scale, AAA shooter game like Half-Life 3. Not to mention the legal issues that they will be facing once the game is up. But fan-driven games have been successful for the past few years. Despite limited resources, some games actually pulled it off.


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