Half-Life 3 experience on Half-Life 2 Mod, Valve Boss Gabe Newell is Asked About Official Release in Reddit

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Half-Life 3

Half-Life 3



Half-Life 3 has been the talk of First Person Shooter aficionados for more than a year. There have been numerous rumors about its release and it?s hard not to think that Valve is just messing with its fans. Valve is notoriously known for being a tight-lipped company that has the habit for surprising gamers.

To make things worse, dozens of hoaxes and fake announcements loom the internet, especially the recent one that just appeared on Reddit?s site which was hacked. Because a huge number of fans were hoping that it was actually something that will link them to Half-Life 3?s info, the Nigerian Electronic Army hacked their way on a subreddit that brings them to their twitter page. It was, of course, taken care of asap, but you could imagine the looks on the faces of those who have seen it.

Many are getting frustrated about the long wait and it might even take a couple of years before it can actually be released to the public. You can bet on it.

If you want, at least, get to see how the new Half-Life 3 will look like, you can say your thanks to Fake Factory for creating a mod for Half-Life 2 called ?Cinema Mod?. What it does is pretty much pushing the boundaries of what the game can look like. It has high resolution textures, more realistic facial animations and major revamp to certain areas of the game.

If you still have Half-Life 2 installed on your system, it?s your lucky day and it would be wise to check the mod here.

So what does Valve boss, Gabe Newell has to say to the people anticipating Half-Life 3. Short answer: ?Nothing?.

He made an appearance on to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything. He answered most of the questions thrown at him, but kept ignoring stuff related to Half-Life 3. Like a Boss.

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