Haikyuu Season 4 Release Date, Plot; Season 3 Finale Recap: Battle of the Concepts Brings Karasuno to the Nationals

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Haikyuu Season 4

Karasuno wins against Shiratorizawa in the finals match! The score closes at 21 – 19. It was a very intense and exciting season 3 finale that has gotten fans begging for a Haikyuu season 4. Reports suggest that Production I.G will make the announcement soon.

Here is a season 3 finale recap and spoilers for season 4.

Season 3 Finale Recap

Season 3?s episode 10, ?Battle of the Concepts,? determined which of the two teams will enter the nationals. It was indeed a battle of concepts! With powerhouse Shiratorizawa?s concept of consistency and relying on Ushijima?s strength as the ace; versus Karasuno?s unorthodox concept – ?a risky style that makes them unpredictable. ?

Once Tsukishima was back on the court, he led the team?s blocking, including positioning of the defense. This allowed Kageyama and Hinata to do their signature attack, which gets them a match point. Though despite their efforts, Ushijima comes back stronger and more determined.

Hinata then adjusts his speed and does a minus tempo attack from the back row. This surprised Shiratorizawa, which made them lose the ball, thus giving the set to Karasuno. Karasuno wins the match and so Daichi, Sugawara and Asahi finally fulfill their dream of reaching the Nationals.

The distraught Ushijima vows to beat Kageyama and Hinata next time. Shiratorizawa leaves the court in tears while their coach, in his mind, slightly praises Hinata who was able to defy his beliefs about volleyball.

The finale ends with Karasuno?s jump test with Kageyama and Hinata going head to head. To everyone?s surprise, Hinata?s jump height increased, even beating their ace Asahi who is taller than him.

Haikyuu Season 4 Release Date and Plot

Haikyuu Season 4

Rumor has it that Haikyuu season 4 will air in autumn of 2017. Production I.G has yet to confirm this speculation. Plot should follow Kageyama?s National Youth Intensive Training Camp as well as his and Tsukishima?s training and development. Then expect to also see the battle between Fukurodani and Nekoma.

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