Haikyuu!! Season 3 Updates: Hinata To Consider Kageyama As Dependable Teammate, Not Foe Anymore?

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By this time, everyone is gearing up for the much anticipated battle between the Raves and Japan?s best volleyball team, Shiaratorizawa Academy, in the forthcoming Haikyuu!! Season 3. The upcoming installment will be titled as Haikyu!! Karasuno Koukou VS Sharatorizawa Gakuen KouKou, according to the official website of the anime series.

We have previously reported that the recently released teaser unraveled the show?s visual during the end of the video. It was also revealed that the third season will be out for the public this coming fall. The revelation came from Weekly Shonen Jump?s 16th issue.

Speculations bared that the new installment will not be veering away from the theme and concept of the first two seasons. It is expected that Shouyo Hinata will be joining the boys volleyball team of Karasuno High. This is his way to make his dream come true of defeating the one who is considered King of the Court, Tobio Kageyama.

However, as we have released recently, it might not be happening as Hianta will be surprised seeing Kageyama on the same team, wearing the same jersey he has. Yes folks, they will eventually become teammates.

It won?t be a surprise to many if Hinata cannot get along with Kageyama at first. But luckily, it is expected that Hinata might be changing the way he perceives Kageyama because of Koshi Sugawa, who is the setter of the team. Sugawa reminded Hinata that rather than considering Kageyama as an opponent, why not count him as a dependable teammate. This seems to be working good for the main character of the show.

But their dreams to become the best team in Japan won?t be pushing through if the players won?t be able to pass their exams in school. This is the only condition of the school for them to continue playing for Karasuno High.

Meanwhile, it should be remembered that the first season of Haikyuu!! was released back in April 2014 while the second one was out during October 2015. It just ended on June 5.

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