Haikyuu Season 2 Finale Spoiler: Karasuno Vs Shiratorizawa Won’t Happen?

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Haikyuu season 2 finale is set on Sunday and let?s talk about the possibilities in the last episode. But first, let?s do a recap on episode 24 featuring the latest installment of the showdown between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai.

Haikyuu Season 2 Episode 24 Recap

The last installment was titled ?The Absolute Limit Switch? and it started during the latter part of the third set of the Karasuno-Aoba Johsai match. The former was in the lead, but only with a point, 17-16, after a miraculous hit by middle blocker Hinata.

A few exchanges passed and ?Aoba Johsai took a commanding lead, 24-22, that placed them on the verge of winning. Karasuno, being coached by Ukai, then called for a quick timeout as their opponent reached a point away from taking the game. With their season on the line, Ukai?s team seemed to be relaxed and too determined to give up just yet.

After the break, Karasuno immediately delivered one powerful spike from their hitter Asahi to cut down the lead to one. The next possession, Ukai decided to let the setter Sugawara enter the game to replace middle blocker Tsukishima. Now, with Karasuno still hanging on to their season, Hinata blocked the spike of Aoba Johsai?s ?Mad Dog? to even up the score and force a deuce.

Karasuno then aimed to take the lead by trying to execute a synchronized attacks with four players acting to hit the ball. However, just when their opponent expected a spike from the other end, setter Kageyama decided to drop it. Aoba Johsai was surprised and did not react on time, Karasuno took the point and gained the advantage on their side.

For their last point, it was a hard fought point for Karasuno. Fortunately, thanks to Hinata, he was able to deliver the final blow after he targeted the tip of the blocker?s fingers to swipe the ball. Although Aoba Johsai?s star Oikawa was able to touch the ball, he was not able to bring the ball up. Karasuno took the game with a dramatic two point win, 26-24, on the third set.

Haikyuu Season 2 Finale

Now that the match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai has ended, the former will now move on to the regional finals to face Shiratorizawa, who ranks among the Top 8 of Japan. The team is led by the powerful wing spiker Ushijima and Karasuno will try to take them down to advance to the nationals.

However, the faceoff between the two teams may not occur in the season finale. According to the manga version of the series, where the anime edition is based, the next episode will feature some flashbacks during the freshman year of Karasuno?s third year members. But, fans do not have to worry, because as we have already mentioned in our previous reported, the third season of the anime series is coming this fall.

The last episode of Haikyuu season 2 is going to be titled ?Declaration of War? and it is going to be available on March 27, 2016.

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