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Haikyuu Season 2 Episode 23 Spoiler: Aoba Johsai to Defeat Karasuno?

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Three days before the official release of Haikyuu Season 2, Episode 23, here are details of the previous episode and the scenarios every fan should expect in the upcoming episode.

Haikyuu Season 2, Episode 22 Recap

During the last episode of the volleyball anime series, after winning the first set of a three-set match, Karasuno found themselves facing a huge deficit against the powerful squad of Aoba Johsai who was keen on winning the second set and forcing a decider.

Aoba Johsai was led by the talented setter Oikawa, who can bring each player?s potential out every time he steps on the court. Because of the strength that the team possessed, they managed to keep Karasuno behind by as much as five points, 23-18.

With Aoba Johsai only two points away from taking the set and forcing a deciding third set, Karasuno refused to concede the set with coach Ukai deciding to make a late game substitution. But surprisingly, he replaced Hinata, one of the team?s main scorers, with Yamaguchi, who is known as the team?s most tense player. The coach, however, believed that Yamaguchi will be able to turn the game around with all the trainings they went through.

Karasuno scored a point and set up Yamaguchi to serve next. For the record, Yamaguchi has been taking advices from an alumnus about making a jump float serve but so far, he has not done it in an actual game. Luckily for the team, Yamaguchi indeed changed the flow of the game with his unlikely style of serving the ball, said in a previous report.

Yamaguchi allowed Karasuno to cut down on their four-point deficit by serving two successive aces. Although, Aoba Johsai managed to receive his third serve, Karasuno still managed to score the point. The set eventually went into a deuce but it ended in Aoba Johsai?s favor, 28-26.

Haikyuu Season 2, Episode 23 Spoiler

The next episode will be one of the remaining episodes of the season, and it seems like all of it will feature the match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai. However, it is too early to assume because the third set of their match is about to unfold, and based on the previous sets, it only took two episodes for each of those to end.

Now, let us discuss the upcoming episode. In the manga series, where the anime is based, Aoba Johsai will take an early 2-0 lead in the third set. However, Karasuno will bounce back to make the game a tight one between the two skilled teams.

Halfway into the third set, Aoba Johsai will decide to take their ?Mad Dog? out of the game because of his continuous mistakes, which they can?t have ?in a very crucial set. He was called as such because he is some kind of a double-edged sword as he can help the team as well as ruin their plays, and at that moment, he is more of a hindrance to the team. When the ?Mad Dog? cleared his mind, he will be made to enter the match again, which would be a gamble for Aoba Johsai, but still, he is their strongest attacker.

Clearly, the match would not end in the upcoming Episode 23 of Haikyuu Season 2 but it will surely prepare the fans for a memorable finish that is likely to happen in Episode 24 or 25. The next episode will be available on March 12, Saturday.

Source: Manga Reader, Anime News Network

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