?Haikyuu? Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Never underestimate Yamaguchi

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Missed episode 22 of Haikyu!! Season 2? No worries, here?s a review originally posted by Anime News Network.

Let?s talk about underdogs. Admit it, most of the time, the underdog is the crowd favorite – it?s always fun to watch a nobody turn into a somebody and that?s what ?Haikyuu? Season 2 Episode 22 was all about. As stated in the review of Anime News Network, it’s somehow more satisfying to see Yamaguchi succeed as the hero of the day. For what felt like a huge chunk of episodes, we didn’t even know who he was as he hung back behind the more powerful and more notable Tsukishima, giving him a C-list feel when compared to the other team members.

Yamaguchi was able to prove to everyone who doubted him what he is capable of. On that alone, Episode 22 of Haikyu!! is the ultimate play of triumph. The episode shows how serving in volleyball is the one solitary play in the team sport, the only moment when everything relies on a single player. Imagine the pressure to the server, especially when doing it in a crucial stage of the game.

According to Anime News Network, it is unfair to call Yamaguchi as ?former coward?, which happened to be the episode?s title. Regardless, this is the moment when he got the chance to essentially prove to himself that he was worthy of playing alongside the more skilled boys. And he did it – he played well. During the episode, he rose from the ashes and was cheered on by the crowd. As Karasuno rallied to take a closer second set against Aoba Johsai, Yamaguchi made sure his presence was felt.

As the review says, we spent so much time focusing on how unbelievably amazing and talented Hinata, Kageyama, Asahi, and Tsukishima are, and the comeback of the Karasuno team as a whole, that the traditional underdog player storyline was almost forgotten, which makes it all the better here. Now, Yamaguchi had his own comeback and shining moment.

The fight, though, is yet to be over. Will there be a third set? Everyone is on the edge of their seats and tensions are soaring high. The play is fast and almost painful looking. Slow preparatory breaths give way to light speed action, and the animation pays special attention to the muscles moving in the legs of the players (especially Oikawa), along with a lot of ball’s eye views of the court.

Who do you think will win? We?ll all find out within the three remaining episodes of the season.

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