Haikyuu Dream Team Poll Results – Fans Pick Furudate Sensei?s Team to Win

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Haikyuu Dream Team

In Haikyuu Manga chapter 213, poll results for the ?Best Lineup? were released. Two teams, Reader?s Picks and Furudate Sensei?s picks (Haruichi Furudate, Haikyuu!! Creator) were presented in spectacular double center color along with comments for each team from Furudate Sensei. The Haikyuu Dream Team poll results are shown below.

Readers? Picks

  • ????????Kuroo Tetsurou (MB) ? Nekoma
  • ????????Kageyama Tobio (S) ? Karasuno
  • ????????Bokuto Koutarou (WS) ? Fukurodani
  • ????????Hinata Shoyou (MB) ? Karasuno
  • ????????Sawamura Daichi (WS) ? Karasuno
  • ????????Iwaizumi Hajime (WS) ? Aoba Jousai
  • ????????Nishinoya Yuu (L) ? Karasuno

Haikyuu Dream Team

Furudate Sensei?s Picks

  • ????????Oikawa Tooru (S) ? Aoba Jousai
  • ????????Azumane Asahi (WS) ? Karasuno
  • ????????Aone Takanobu (MB) ? Date Tech
  • ????????Ushijima Wakatoshi (WS) ? Shiratorizawa
  • ????????Hyakuzawa Yuudai (WS) ? Kakugawa
  • ????????Tendou Satori (MB) ? Shiratorizawa
  • ????????Yaku Morisuke (L) ? Nekoma

Haikyuu Dream Team

For Readers? Picks, Furudate Sensei noted the good defensive power this team can bring. Fans agree as well that having a great blocker in Kuroo (who can also play in the back row without switching with a libero) and great floor coverage with specialists Sawamura and Nishinoya, will really do great for their defense. To add to that, Iwaizumi as an ace is not just known for his confident offense but also for his solid reception.

Can Kageyama bring out the game of Bokuto?

The Reader?s Picks will probably gel well and have a good chemistry inside the court depending on Kageyama. We know that there?s no flaw in the raw connection of rookies Kageyama and Hinata. Hopefully, Kageyama is smart enough to understand Bokuto and feed him his confidence with the distribution of sets. Bokuto needs to attract attention with his skills as an ace. When he is guarded and loses focus, the others will surely shine. Also the veteran seasoned aces, Kuroo and Iwaizumi, can definitely lead the team and connect well with the talent and skill of Kageyama.

For Furudate Sensei?s picks, he specifically noted how this team will shut off opponents with tough serving and tall blocking. They have three powerful jump servers in Azumane, Oikawa, and Ushijima. Fans say that no doubt they have good middle blocking in Tendou and Aone.

Seemingly more fun, Furudate Sensei chose Tendou instead, when it could have been Tsukishima as the middle blocker. Compared to Tsukishima, Tendou is more outspoken and confident.

Can Furudate Sensei?s picks connect with each other and work as a team?

One fan commented that, although this looks like a strong team, their personalities don?t fit well. Because of this, they might struggle with defense. The concern is the general floor defense of the team beyond the blocking. Azumane is not known to be good in digging and receiving all probably even less is expected from Hyakuzawa. Oikawa and Ushijima will probably be the stars who will shine in this team (not to mention the most famous too, given the ?You should have come to Shiratorizawa? joke that runs well with the fans). Oikawa will be the vital director to bring this team together and distribute the sets to his talented spikers, especially its main ace, Ushijima.

What?s the verdict?

Fans believe Furudate chose his team well and made sure it doesn?t clash with the reader?s picks. His team would definitely win this matchup in terms of strength and as long as the players play their game and as a team.

This will probably be a fun intense game which goes down the wire in 5 sets. We can expect antics like the usual banter between Kageyama and Hinata, or Kuroo and Bokuto. We can hope for a play in the ?You should have come to Shiratorizawa? story with Oikawa and Ushijima and then Sawamura leading and pep talking his team. A showdown can brew between Yaku and Nishinoya as well. Who else would want to know how the reserved quiet personalities in Azumane, Aone and Hyakuzawa would interact in their team with Oikawa and Ushijima? We hope that the Furudate Sensei?dedicates a side-story chapter for this match. Please?

We?d like to hear your thoughts on who you think would win this Haikyuu Dream Team matchup. Hit us up in the comments section below.

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