Haikyuu Chapter 233 Spoilers: National Games Happening At Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Hitoka Yachi To Prove Herself

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Haikyuu Season 3 Episode 7 Spoilers

The upcoming Haikyuu Chapter 233 kicks off with a match between Karasuno and Tsubakihara high schools. The Spring Inter-High volleyball season will be filled with tension. Who between the two teams will reign supreme?

The national games are happening at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. The venue makes the Karasuno coach lose his confidence. Coach Keishin Ukai is afraid that his players are not used to a bigger area. The Karasuno team has not played at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium before.

Fans will be delighted to know that Karasuno will still perform well. This is in spite of the newness of the court. Kageyama “King of the Court” will not miss a toss. He will manage to keep his cool according to spoilers.

The tension will be at its peak by the time Tsubakihara scores three. Rumor has it that Kageyama may be benched soon. Tsukishima will do everything he can to inspire Kageyama and Shoyo Hinata to work as a team.

Tsubakihara makes it to the nationals. He will also be nervous about having to play at the gymnasium. ?It is the first time that Tsubakihara is able to make it through the finals.

Echigo calls out to his team. They will scream off their apparent jitters in Haikyuu chapter 233. Latest spoilers suggest that there are more details that will be revealed about this opposing team from the Kanagawa Prefecture.

Hitoka Yachi Proves Herself

It will be interesting to see how Hitoka Yachi will handle the team in Haikyuu!! chapter 233. It is expected to be a real challenge for him now that Kyoko Shimizu is absent. The team manager has to find Hinata’s bag.

Several Haikyuu!! fans believe that Yachi will be able to handle the team well. She was prepared for this role after all. It is a perfect chance for her to prove that she can be a capable manager for the so-called “fallen crows.”

Haikyuu Chapter 233 and 234 might be released this month. The anime series will air its episode 10 for season 3 on Dec. 9. For more “Haikyuu!!” news and spoilers, tune in only here at TheBitbag.

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