?Haikyu? Season 2 Episode 23 Review: Tension arises between Tanaka and Kyotani

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It is far from over.

The rally still continues.

The ball remains in play, just like how the game between Aoba Johsai and Karasuno remains in play.

So you haven?t watched the episode 23 of Haikyu!! Season 2? Well, here?s a bit of review of what has happened in the neck and neck battle between the two teams.

The episode, titled ?Team,? focused on the Aoba Johsai, according to Anime News Network. Kyotani, known as the Mad Dog, was specifically the highlight of the episode. Though it was quite unclear why there should be a flashback about his life, it was evident that there is tension going on between him and Karasuno?s Tanaka.

The show somehow veered away a little bit from the match of the underdogs and the perennial champions as it gave emphasis on Kyotani?s life, when he first watched a volleyball match back when he was still a kid.

In the episode, the Mad Dog was seen alone and watching a sort of major international tournament. While watching, a player with bleached locks got his attention. Well, as what was said earlier, the importance of this flashback was too vague, but maybe it will play an important part as the season progresses.

As mentioned earlier, the highlight of the episode about Kyotani might be the rising tension between him and Tanaka. The two really got on each others? nerves, as pictured in the episode with the two glaring at each other. Well, you can watch the episode if you want to see how the two eyeballed each other in front of the volleyball net. (Intense!)

What do you expect from Tanaka? He is really a tough and annoying guy, making him hard to beat in the court. His presence alone is very intimidating. So it will be very interesting how Kyotani counters Tanaka?s antics in the next episode.

As explained by the Anime News Network, the title ?Team? seemed to be appropriate for Karasuno as they played like one (as far as what the show trying to build on). while Aoba Johsai appeared to be having a problem with communication inside the court as evident to Kyotani?s actions.

The episode showed that the Mad Dog?s style is a bit out of tune compared to the movement of his teammates. Meanwhile, Karasuno has long overcome that stage of individualism when playing. They?ve been showing what a team really means.

So how?s the game? It has yet to come on match point. The two teams are fighting and attacking really hard to get that win.

Would that be alone a good reason why Karasuno should prevail over the usual champs Aoba Johsai? Or will the latter pick up its pieces before the game is over and show why they are one of the best teams?

We should definitely watch out for the forthcoming episode that will surely showcase a good volleyball game.

Are you team Karasuno or Aoba Johsai? Place your bet!

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