Hackers Extort Apple for Ransom Over Alleged Cloud Breach

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Hackers are extorting Apple over alleged Cloud breach

The Internet is a very dangerous place. The ever increasing number of connected devices make it even scarier. Nowadays, hackers can access pretty much anything that is connected to the Internet and be able to control them remotely. Furthermore, there are reports circling the Internet of a recent Cloud leak perpetrated by a number of online hackers. That being said, it seems like Apple is once again in the centre of it.

According to Motherboard, a group of hackers who call themselves the “Turkish Crime Family” is currently extorting Apple for some alleged cache of data that it managed to retrieve online. These trove of information belonged to millions of consumers who use Apple’s Cloud services. Among the services affected are the iCloud and Apple email accounts.

The same report from Motherboard says that the hackers are asking for $75,000 worth of Bitcoin or Etheruem from Apple. Ethereum is another form of crypto-currency like Bitcoin. In exchange for the payment, the hackers claimed that they will erase their cache of data containing around 300 million individual user accounts.

Hackers are extorting Apple over alleged Cloud breach

iCloud login page (via icloud.com)

Motherboard also included in the report, the conversation between the hackers and some of the Apple support staff. In the said conversation, it would seem that the company is aware of the breach. One of the conversations even asked the hackers to take down the YouTube video that was uploaded to prove their claims.

Right now, both parties are waiting for confirmation of payment. The hackers gave Apple an ultimatum of until April 7 for it to transfer the ransom. If the company does not comply with the request, the hackers will unleash hell by erasing millions of user accounts and exposing some sensitive data like personal photos.

At the moment, Apple is yet to release a statement about the supposed Cloud breach. However, it seems like the hackers have already approached the media to seek some help in extorting the company. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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