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Nintendo Classic Hack

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic is one console which that gamers grew up with. Now, the retro console has made an appearance once more as the Nintendo Classic was released late last year to the delight of retro gaming fans. While the games for the NES Classic was initially limited, it appears hackers adding games in Nintendo Classic has become more common.

When the NES Classic was launched, there were only a very limited number of games which can be played on it. This was certainly a disappointment as many were hoping that more games would be available.

Nintendo Classic Hack

Well, thankfully some resourceful gamers have found a way to hack into the NES Classic and add games to it. According to Tech Crunch, the NES Classic hack appeared in the Russian retro gaming forum, GBX. One user posted a YouTube video and step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

While the initial video was posted in Russian, many gamers who are active in the NES Classic Mods Subreddit jumped on and made it even more convenient to do so. It is not as simple as what people may think though and you would have to be knowledgeable with computers in order to successfully do it.

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The hack has gone a long way though, as there is even a GUI now which can make the process easier. There is certainly a risk that comes with trying to hack the Nintendo Classic though as you can easily brick your device by clicking the wrong button or entering the wrong code.

If players are able to successfully hack the device, they will be able to play ROM files of classic NES games. This is certainly going to be a great thing for gamers to enjoy.

If you have a Nintendo Classic and you want to hack it, be sure to take all the precautions necessary. If at any point in the process you are unsure of what to do, maybe it would be best to ask for help from your tech savvy friends.

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