Hacker of High ? Profile Personalities Arrested in Romania

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A Romanian hacker dubbed ?Guccifer? was arrested when a suspicion arose that he hacked into the online accounts of high ? profile personalities. This includes the family members of former U.S President George W. Bush and the U.S Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Prosecutors from the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) of Romania issued a search warrant on Wednesday at the house of Marcel Lazar Lehel, or more notoriously known with his online alias of Guccifer.

The high ? profile master hacker is suspected of transferring confidential information from email accounts onto his own computer and intentionally disclosing them to the public. The DIICOT did not release his name in its press release and only referred to him with his initials, L.M.L.

A representative of DIICOT revealed his full name on Friday, including his online alias of Guccifer.

The Romanian hacker made headlines early in 2013 when he started leaking sensitive correspondence and pictures from email accounts of the former U.S President?s family members. The hacking spree continued when he compromised the online accounts and email of U.S Senator Lisa Murkoski, U.S Secretary of State Colin Powell, author Candace Bushnell, journalist Carl Bernstain, venture capitalist John Doerr, and various adminitration officials (under former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama), former FBI agents and defense contractors.

Guccifer?s Latest Targets

The Smoking Gun reported on January 6 that the master hacker?s latest targets included editor Tina Brown, comedian Steve Martin, author Kitty Kelley, ex ? Nixon aide John Dean, former U.S Air Force Secretary George Roche, actress Mariel Hemingway, Pulitzer Prize winner Diane McWhorter, MetLife CEO Steven Kandarian, three members of U.K?s House of Lords, and Romania?s head of domestic intelligence service George Christian Maior.

What the Hacker Takes

The Smoking Gun also revealed that Guccifer obtains from his victims their contact lists, personal photos, email accounts, phone records, files on online storage sites, credit card details, and other financial documents.

The DIICOT cooperated with the U.S authorities for this investigation, which led to the arrest of Lehel, alias Guccifer. In 2012, Lehel was already convicted for similar offenses with a three ? year imprisonment for hacking into the Facebook accounts and email of several Television personalities and other people in Romania. Back then, Lehel used the online alias Micul Fum.

Lehel has been convicted before for similar offenses. In 2012 he received a three-year suspended prison sentence for hacking into the email and Facebook accounts of several Romanian TV celebrities and other individuals. At the time he used the online alias Micul Fum — Romanian for Little Smoke.

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