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H1Z1: Tips and Tricks for Server Population

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Which do you think is better when it comes to server population in H1Z1, High, Medium or Low?

Now that H1Z1 has finally released most, or all, of its EU servers, according to John Smedley?s tweet, it is now time for us?to talk about which server is better when it comes to population.

What is your preference when it comes to server population in H1Z1?

High Population H1Z1


  • You will meet a lot of people
  • When you are in a tight spot, there?s a good chance other players might help you (if you are in a PvE server but when you are not, don?t expect too much. They might only help because they either want to rob you or just kill you and take all of your items so this can also be a con)
  • It?s easier to wipe a small group of zombies in a large town like Cranberry and Pleasant Valley when you have plenty of friends?that you?ve met on a high populated server.


  • Nothing much to loot. Almost all of the loots in game have probably been taken by other players. It might take you a couple of hours before you can find something good when you?re on a PvE server.
  • There will be a sudden drop of FPS when you are in an area that has lots of action and players.
  • In a highly populated PvP server, the chances of you dying are much higher than in the medium and low populated servers.

So to sum it up, the only advantage of being in a highly populated server is the social aspect of it.

Medium Population H1Z1 server

Based on my observation, the medium server is pretty much balanced with it comes to the survival aspect, social and action?kind of like in the middle of high chances and low chances. This is ideal for players who like to play in a not too crowded and not too quiet server. This is for both PvE and PvP modes, just to let you know.

Low Population H1Z1 server


  • More items to loot! Ideal place to start looting is a secluded old house deep in the woods. If you can manage to find one, search every corner as possible. I found 3 backpacks in the 2 houses that come across in the middle of nowhere. It only took me a couple of minutes to find them like 15 minutes I guess.
  • It?s quiet and peaceful?except for the zombies of course.
  • There?s a high chance that the things you left in a container in one of the houses will still be there when you get back to it.
  • When somebody dies and he/she dropped his/her loot, the things inside there are all yours to keep, in short, there?s no competition!
  • You can practice your shooting without the fear of trolls trash talking you that you suck or your aim sucks.
  • On a PvP mode server, your chances of not dying?by the hands of other players?is much higher than in medium and heavy.


  • It can get lonely at times and you might find yourself talking to yourself? using the mic, alone, in the middle of nowhere.
  • There?s no one there to help you when you are in a tight spot.
  • It might give you the impression that you are playing a single player game?sometimes.
  • There?s no one around to witness when you made a lucky, impossible shot?this one does not apply when you are recoding your game
  • It can get scary sometimes especially when the sun goes down and you are in a small town or middle of the woods.

To sum it up, low populated servers are ideal for the ?lone wolf? type of player. If you prefer the quiet, peaceful and lots of loot?it?s not fixed yet?then this one is for you.

What about you, do you prefer a high, medium or low populated server in H1Z1?

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