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H1Z1 – The Pros and Cons

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H1Z1 is a zombie, post-apocalyptic, open-world survival game published and developed by Sony Online Entertainment. It is supposedly a free-to-play IP?but for now, H1Z1 is still on Alpha, early access phase and will be F2P once the game is fully released.

I?ve played the game for more than 15 hours now and yet, I?m still not satisfied with what I have. Anyway, on this article, I will present to you the pros and cons that I have experienced and still experiencing in H1Z1 early access.

H1Z1 pros and cons based on my experience


  • Highly addictive game
  • The map is still not finalized yet, even so, it is still a huge map and you could get lost if you are not familiar with the area especially in the forest
  • Challenging game, in a sense that loot isn’t that easy to find. It could take you 30 minutes to an hour or so before you can find something useful.
  • The Battle Royale mode is a thrill ride and every player should try it at least twice
  • Hardcore PvE server is the bomb! The first-person perspective and headshot only rule set is a great combination
  • Recipe wipe for both hardcore PvP and PvE is a wonderful idea. It adds more challenge to the game and making survival a bit more difficult
  • In the PvE server, most players there are quite helpful if you are in need
  • The environment is a bit lively because of the ambient sound. You can almost feel that you are in a real forest if you have a Dolby Digital Surround installed on your computer
  • It has a lot of potential and the Devs are quick with resolving some major issues. This can be THE zombie survival game that we?ve all been waiting for


  • The Devs have already mentioned this on their post on what to expect from H1Z1 early access. It will have tons of bugs and glitches and to be honest, it is surprisingly good compared to what I?ve imagined. I expected it to be almost, completely unplayable on day one but surprisingly, it actually went well
  • Zombies are spawning everywhere?even beside you!
  • That God-awful bug when you aim your bow and it didn?t reload automatically and you will get stuck in aim mode. I died because of that bug, twice!
  • Visual glitch like there?s lightning or something. I don?t know if this is included in one of the features of H1Z1 but it can sometimes be a bit annoying
  • Ammos in game are considered gold. It?s true that there?s plenty of guns for everyone, apparently that is not case for the ammunition though
  • Zombies walking sideways and will completely halt mid-way and will walk again, and so on. Again, I don?t know if this is part of the game?s feature but it sure is an annoying thing to encounter
  • Most vanilla servers are clogged up. It will take you a couple of minutes to get inside the server as there are?most of the time?long queues
  • The balancing problem of energy, hydration and stamina. Stamina drains much slower compared to energy and hydration, even when you are sprinting!
  • And lastly, the airdrops. Now I?m not really enthusiastic with this feature and quite frankly, I couldn?t care less but one thing that struck me is the ?server event? kind of feel it sets off. Some say it?s a pay to win scheme but the way I see it, it?s kind of a gamble. There?s no assurance that the one who asked for an airdrop will get the items. Though if it?s not a pay to win scheme then it?s kind of a server event that you paid for, either one of two things.

Just to be clear, despite all these cons that I?ve listed, I still think that the game is awesome and will keep getting better as time passes.

Got any thoughts with the H1Z1 early access? Hit the comments below and share us what you think.

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