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H1Z1: The Awesome, New and Improved Lighting

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Image Credit: H1Z1

The new and improved lighting for H1Z1 have just made the game even more realistic, graphic-wise.

Fans are even more excited especially now that H1Z1 early access on Steam is only a few hours away. Even me, I don?t know if I can sleep tonight knowing that the game I?ve been waiting for all these months is finally coming.

Two days ago, SOE posted something on their Reddit that got me and many of us very excited for the early access of the game.

H1Z1 new and improved lighting is more amazing than ever!

The photo was posted by SOE_Legion, Gregg Henninger, community manager of H1Z1, last January 12 on the game?s Subreddit.

Fans were thrilled to see the latest update of the game they?ve been waiting for and most of the comments there on that thread are positive.

Here are the some of the pictures that are posted on the H1Z1 Subreddit:

Photo credits to SOE

Photo credits to SOE

Photo credits to SOE

Photo credits to SOE

Photo credits to SOE

Photo credits to SOE

Photo credits to SOE

Please click this link if you want to view the complete list and enjoy the beauty of the game.

My reaction to these photos that was posted on their Subreddit

Just like the beauty of anywhere America, this one is also great. Some pictures are actually almost real?the ones that I?ve posted above.

Personally, my most favorite among the photos is the night picture where you can see the moon and the stars in perfect details. It is so realistic that I can?t take my eyes off of it, it is mesmerizing as heck!

Second one would probably be the foggy highway photo. The first time I saw this I kind of felt like it was real or it was taken somewhere in America, like a real place! The only thing that gave it away is the railing on the lower right part of the picture. I don?t know how to explain it but it kind of looks 3D-ish. Still can?t change the fact that it is EXCELLENT and it made me even more excited for the early access of H1Z1.

Image credit: H1Z1

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