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H1Z1 Survival Tips for Beginners – Hunger and Hydration

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Quick guide on how to battle the fast hunger and hydration drain in H1Z1

(Note: This guide is intended to be used on a PvE environment. It might work on PvP but I can?t guarantee that)

Loot in H1Z1 is pretty scarce?to a lot of people?even after the 1/23 patch they had last Friday. Luckily, this guide will teach you how to survive longer in-game without having to walk around a lot.

Tips for surviving in the harsh world of H1Z1, maintaining your hydration and hunger, THE EASY WAY!

  • Rabbit traps are your friends. Always check every rabbit trap you will come across. This is the most common food source for now and it is actually more useful than the canned foods.
  • Always have at least 3-4 empty bottles with you.
  • When looking for a place to spend the night, always setup camp somewhere with a good water source like a river, pond or lake.
  • If you manage to find a house though, make sure that it has a well. (Note: If you find a house that has water well, chances are, the house next to it might have a barbecue. You can use that to purify your dirty water)
  • Make sure to check the area, whether you are in a small town (development) or a big city and always look for rabbit traps. (Note: Rabbit Meat or Cooked Rabbit Meat weight is 5 per piece and it can replenish your hunger by 40 points)
  • If you are planning to move into one of the houses in game, make sure that it has a steel fence. Wooden fence can be broken down by zombies and trolls so it?s a great idea to use a house that has a steel fence.
  • Do not go out yet until you have gathered at least 7 bottles of water, 20-25 cooked rabbit meat and a framed backpack (x4 wood nails, 4 wood planks to make a frame and one backpack frame + Satchel to make the actual backpack). (Note: framed backpack has a 1,200 capacity).

Just remember, you are in a survival game not a buffet simulation game, so don?t eat them all at once. Those 7 purified water and 20-25 cooked meat are enough to make you last for a couple of days in H1Z1. It will only take up 450-500 of your bag capacity so you still have lots of spaces in your backpack for more items like ammos, handgun, etc.

Many more tips and guides to come for H1Z1 so stay tuned.

Image credit: H1Z1 screen capture by Author

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