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H1Z1 Smarter Zombie and Horde Update This Week Plus Future Plans for the Game

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The zombie update for H1Z1 is set to release this week plus an update for the future plans of the game

H1Z1 may in fact be a promising game but it still lacks a few features and the issues that we gamers encounter is a bit of a deal breaker?the hacking and item duping. However, on this article, we won?t talk about that, instead, we will talk about the possible update of this week, the smarter zombie and zombie horde update. Not only that but we will also talk about the future plans of the Devs for the game.

Intelligent zombies and zombie hordes update for H1Z1 this week?

John Smedley?s tweet last week is definitely exciting. He said ?fyi you will start to see more zombies and they are getting smarter 🙂 hoping to turn hordes on next week. they are off right now.? Before the early access release of H1Z1, the Devs kept on saying that the zombies on this game will be different because they are more intelligent and they move in groups or hordes.

Sadly, that wasn?t the case in early access. The feature was still unavailable during the early days of the game?even until today?and the zombies are still quite easy to outmaneuver. Luckily, John Smedley?s tweet is like a bright sun after a rainy, cloudy day. PvE mode will never be the same once they release this update.

Currently, zombies are still pretty much laughable and you can easily outrun them. But since John Smedley said that they are now getting smarter, I guess once the patch kicks in, we can now safely call this game survival?or at least the PvE aspect of it.

Future plans for H1Z1 consists of male and female avatars, voting system and developer?s roadmap

This was already pointed out a couple of months ago?before the H1Z1 early access?but it is kind of a relief that they still remember the things they have promised to their fans. ?Right now, our primary focus is to stabilize the current iteration of H1Z1. Once we?ve ironed out the larger issues and overall stability, we?ll move on to our next phase.? As posted by Laptop65 on the game?s Steam forum section. He also added the details about the development roadmap that is player driven, customizable models for both Male and Female avatars and the famous voting system for their different kinds of game modes per server.

Now that is certainly reassuring and we now can?t wait for the issues to be resolved and move on to the next phase of the development.

Grab a copy of H1Z1 early access on Steam now for only $20 for the standard EA bundle and $40 for the premium bundle.

Image source H1Z1, screen capture by Author

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