H1Z1 Reveals New Gameplay Video Footage

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Another open-world, post-apocalyptic game is being developed right now and is about to get released. We have seen a vast number of zombie apocalypse games out in the “lists” of games but we are about to see a new realistic scenario of what is going to happen if there is a zombie apocalypse. And, it is definitely, a survival game.

Upcoming H1Z1 is just another name of a virus spreading all over the world, infesting people and turning them into mindless zombies. However, your role as a player does not only limit ?killing zombies but you have to survive ?the night.

The game is pretty crafty as you have a lot of options to do. It has a very complex gameplay that might be the closest scenario during a zombie apocalypse. You can check out the video of its gameplay right here!

Sony Online Entertainment released the Demo for the H1Z1 and will be released sooner. The demo video showcases some of the features that you will experience when the game is released.

Jimmy Whisenhunt, the game designer, shows a couple of tricks and playthrough of the demo. The demo video was originally presented during this year?s E3 conference. Whisenhunt shows off some of the capabilities of the player such as crafting, driving, chopping woods, making arrows out of the chopped wood, building a fort, and drinking from an unsterilized water bottle.

H1Z1 is an MMO survival game about crafting, teamwork with other players, and exploration. It is pretty unique unlike most zombie games out there where all you need to do is just put a bullet in their heads and they are done. It is an open-world game, just like GTA series, you can explore the entire map, chop down trees and watch out for zombies. It is pretty exciting since all factors can be considered when playing the game. You have the weather, time, physics and all other things.

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