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H1Z1 RenderFlora: Cheating or Not?

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Image credits H1Z1, screen capture by Author

A look at the RenderFlora options of H1Z1 and if it is really illegal to switch it off

H1Z1 is one of those games that is not only time consuming but it is also super entertaining. It is a survival game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world with lots of zombies!

In this article, we will discuss the RenderFlora option and whether this is really cheating or not.

What is RenderFlora and why do people turn that option off?

To put it simply, RenderFlora in the UserOptions of H1Z1 is the one in-charge of rendering the floras\ in your game or the grass, both tall and short grass. It can actually eat up a few FPS and, if you are one of the few unlucky ones like me, you might not get to run the game at its fullest.

People turn that off to gain a huge amount of FPS back, roughly around 15-25 FPS give or take. Thus making the game playable and not taxing to their rig. Sadly, a lot of H1Z1 players call this ?cheating?.

RenderFlora = Off in H1Z1 is considered as cheating?!

Many people accuse players who turns off their flora as ?cheater? because to be honest, it kind of actually looks like it?if you are playing in a PvP server that is.

Because the grass in-game is not loading or rendering in your end, you can clearly see other players who are in a prone position in the forest or hiding behind a tall grass without any trouble.

However, for the PvE, I guess you can?t actually be considered as a ?cheater? because there are no other players to compete with?i.e. Killing or KOS. It can however, give you an unfair advantage to other survivors who were not aware by this option and struggling to find the right setup to gain a few FPS.

As for the official stance of the H1Z1 Devs, they are still not giving out any comments about the RenderFlora issue if this is really a way to exploit the game or if it is really a cheat.

What about you? Should this be considered as cheating even though you are only playing on a PvE server?

Image credits H1Z1, screen capture by Author

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