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H1Z1: Reduce KOS Instance Using Humanity/Karma System

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H1Z1 gets back to another episode of KOS problems. While it is true that KOS looks like it will really matter in the game, devs didn?t make a big fuss about it. We can see in most streams, they are pulling KOS among themselves and they are enjoying it. But for those who want to play the game like in zombie-apocalypse TV series, KOS is probably their worst nightmare.

KOS Plague

Kill on Sight, commonly known as KOS, is one of the many features that a zombie-survival game has. Well, before the hype went up with zombie-survival games, there are plenty of classic games that offer the same feature and they don?t give a damn about it. It looks pretty entertaining for them. However, some ?hardcore? games want to explore every possible option in the game and that would require them to establish a peaceful player interaction. Since the idea of KOS contend with these peaceful player interaction, some H1Z1 Reddit players are again, raising their banners to limit KOS in the game.

What they suggest is to create a Humanity/Karma system that will enable players to check a player?s status.

So, here?s how it works, according to the Reddit thread:

The Humanity/Karma System brings out a Hero or Bandit status among players. There will be a pointing system that would determine if these guys are hostiles or they come in peace. Players will have their nametape colors depending on their status. Let?s say?

Civilians ? White (-99 to +199)

Green ? Hero (+200 to +2000)

Yellow ? Bandit (-100 to -2000)

Red ? F*cked up mass murderer (These are the guys who KOS all the time)

How to Earn Points

The Point system determines the number of players that you have killed. Also, different ranks add different points.

  • Kill a civilian = -5
  • Kill a Hero = -100
  • Kill a Bandit = +25
  • Kill a Psycho KOSer = +5

With these indicators, you will know from a distance if a player is a mass murderer or not, though there are benefits for players with different ranks. One of them are safezones, which is obviously against what John Smedley wants for H1Z1.

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