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H1Z1 PvP Mode – My Review and Tips on Surviving

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My review for the PvP server of H1Z1 plus tips for survival in a PvP server

H1Z1?early access?was released last January 15 on?Steam. It is a survival horror game like no other!

Here is my review for the PvP server of H1Z1 with an addition of a few tips based on my experience with the server.

H1Z1 PvP server review

  • Player?s attitude are different from the PvE server ? Yes, it?s true. People are more cautious when they see another player?especially if it?s not their friend.
  • Loot abundance ? Items on PvP server are not that scarce compared to the PvE. As I?ve said in one of my articles, there?s a circulation between players when it comes to item. So the chances of you finding dropped loot is pretty high compared to the other servers. It might take you 30 minutes or so to find a valuable item.
  • Kinds of loot ? So far, the most common loot you can find are empty bottles, blackberry and guns. I just hope they fix this soon. Foods are still hard to find in-game so that makes it an uncommon item that you can find. The rare ones are probably ammunitions for different guns.
  • Zombie density ? Because of all the killing that?s been going on, it?s safe to assume that there are fewer zombies here on PvP than on PvE.
  • Trolls ? Expect to encounter a few trolls in-game especially the ?psycho? type of player who only kills other people?just for fun. It won?t touch your stuff but they will shoot you just for the heck of it.

Tips on how to survive PvP server of H1Z1 based on my experience

  • As much as possible, stay off roads ? Most players will travel using the highway or any roads in ?Anywhere America? so it?d be best to just travel a few meters away from the road and always find cover.
  • Keep a low profile ? Do not use your VoIP frequently. By doing this, it will decrease the chance of you being wrecked by other players especially those KOS hungry people.
  • Always have your headset on maximum ? Always listen to footsteps as it plays a major role in your survival.
  • When you manage to find ammo, do not use it immediately or conserve it as much as possible ? Ammunitions are rare in both PvE and PvP so instead of using gun, use your bow instead. If you are in a really tight situation though, feel free to fire away but make sure you have a proper aim and a calm hand.
  • Do not aim your gun at people if you are not willing to use it ? Sometimes in-game, a gun fight is inevitable especially in a PvP server. So make sure that when you aim your gun, you are ready to pull the trigger and won?t have any hesitations.
  • Most importantly, ask the person if they are friendly ? When you come across another player and he/she sees you, ask him/her if he or she is a friendly. But stay on guard at all times even when that player said he/she is friendly. You’ll never know what might happen when that player approaches you.

I hope these tips helped you with surviving the harsh world of the PvP server of H1Z1.

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