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H1Z1 – Players Turn Into Zombies After Death?!

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Image credit: H1Z1 screen capture by Author

Looks like players turning into zombies when they die is possible in H1Z1, here is the proof

In every survival or zombie survival game, there is this one question that bugs me everytime I die, ?What happens to my character after I respawn?? Well, mostly, it?ll just disappear out of nowhere and all the items I have gathered will be gone, just like that. However, as for H1Z1, that is not entirely the case, it is a bit different and realistic.

Where do dead players go when they die in H1Z1? Simple, they turn into zombies!

You heard that right, player sprites turning into zombies when they die is actually quite possible in H1Z1?and to be honest, this is the first time I have ever seen such a thing!

In case you don?t believe this, here is the proof posted by Ibn1000 on the H1Z1 Subreddit. As you can see on that post, the contents of that loot bag are similar to what a player has in-game. Like Blackberries, vehicle parts, raw/cooked meat, empty bottle, arrows and many other items for survival.

Well apparently, the explanation for this kind of event is that, when a player dies, he or she will turn into a zombie after a few minutes or so. As for the loot, if the dropped loot is left untouched, it will spawn along with the zombie and once another player kills it, BAM! FREEBIES! This was explained by Sirisian on the comment section of that Subreddit post.

However, there?s still no official statement from the Devs yet for how long does it take before a dead player turns into a zombie. One thing is for sure though, in H1Z1, player turning into zombies is quite inevitable?and honestly, it is quite realistic, no wonder this game is awesome!

Don?t get me wrong though, this doesn?t mean that when your character turns into a zombie you can control them, that?s not how this work. It?ll basically turn your dead body into an AI controlled, flesh hungry walker.

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Image credits H1Z1, image capture by Author

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